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When it comes to running your business successfully, you know communication is critical. That’s why you’re always on the lookout for the most efficient two-way radios on the market.

Your search is finally over because CommUSA is a one-stop-shop for the highest quality two-way radios and accessories in 84055, UT.

We offer an extensive selection of value-priced radios, from convenient portable two-way radios to powerful mobile radios and base stations. Plus, our impressive stock of two-way radio accessories means you don’t have to look elsewhere for batteries, headsets, surveillance kits, and more.

Like you, we value quality, reliability, and safety. That’s why we only sell industry-leading brands like Motorola. Whether you need to purchase or rent two-way radios, our durable models will be there when you need them.

Think our incredible prices mean our radios can’t hold up to your toughest jobs? Think again because CommUSA’s two-way radios and accessories are suited for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, sports venues, events, and more. No matter how big or small the project, our two-way radios will help you get it done.

Check out CommUSA’s selection of two-way radios right now and see for yourself why so many industry-leading businesses prefer our communication solutions.

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The Best Two-Way Radios in 84055, UT

Are you having trouble figuring out how to choose the best two-way radios for your needs? At CommUSA, we want to lend you a hand. Any time you rent or purchase one of our two-way radio systems, you get a communications professional to assist you every step of the way.

Here’s how it works.

Your CommUSA experience begins when you speak with one of our expert consultants. They’ll help you identify your specific needs and choose the right radio models for the size and type of territory you need to cover.

Once you and your consultant customize a two-way radio strategy that ticks all of your boxes, we package and ship the order. Most two-way radio orders come with same-day fulfillment or can ship within a few short days.

Since we offer the largest variety of Motorola two-way radios in 84055, Utah, we can always handle your needs, no matter how big of an order you throw at us. Plus, our two-way radio sales price-match guarantee means you’ll never have to worry about breaking the budget.

It’s time to stop wondering where to find the best value on two-way radios and accessories— they’re all here at CommUSA.

Types of Two-Way Radios for Sale in 84055, UT

With a two-way radio system from CommUSA, you’re getting a safe, cost-effective, and completely customized way to communicate with your team.

Many of our two-way radio models are deemed intrinsically safe, with completely spark-proof interiors and exteriors for ultimate peace of mind. Plus, our two-way radios don’t rely on cell towers. So if disaster strikes, you won’t miss a beat.

CommUSA doesn’t think one two-way radio model fits all either. That’s why we carry portables, mobiles, and base stations of varying sizes, capabilities, and price levels. Whether you work in the industrial sector or a standalone retail store, CommUSA has a two-way radio solution for your unique needs.

Mobile Two-Way Radios

Mobile two-way radios are ideal communication solutions for professionals who work in fixed locations. Whether that’s your vehicle or your office, a mobile two-way radio offers the benefits of a constant power source and extended range.

CommUSA mobile two-way radios consist of the mobile radio itself, plus vehicle mounting brackets, battery power cables and palm style microphones. We also carry a variety of vehicle and building style antennas to extend the range of your mobile even further.

We also offer fleet vehicle installation for our mobile radios and installation services for our base stations. That’s why school bus systems, city engineers, and public works departments in 84055, Utah prefer to source all their mobile two-way radio and base station needs from CommUSA.

Portable Two-Way Radios

If your workers aren’t chained to a desk or vehicle, they need more than what a mobile two-way radio can offer. That’s where portable two-way radios come in.

Portables are convenient handheld two-way radio devices that you can clip to your belt when not in use. Depending on your working conditions, CommUSA has compact two-way radio models, heavy-duty two-way radio models, and everything in between.

Perfect for hospitals, casinos, oil and gas companies, amusement parks, and more, a portable two-way radio system from CommUSA is the affordable and reliable communication solution you need for your next big project.

Base Stations

With a base station from CommUSA, your mobile two-way radio will always be ready to go when communication is most critical. We can convert your mobile radio into a base station by adding a desktop power supply, desktop microphone and external antenna.  Your mobile radio stays plugged into the power supply for all-day operations and you won’t have to worry about it walking away from the desk.

Hook up your base station to a dispatch console and get seamless individual-to-group or group-to-group communication.

You’ll also get up to 8% extra coverage in dead spots, perfect for even the most rural jobs. If that’s not enough, CommUSA carries base station-compatible MOTOTRBO repeaters for your extended coverage needs.


Portable, mobile and base station two-way radios can only talk so far. We’ve all seen the two-way radio advertisements that boast of “up to 35 mile range,” but the truth is obstructions in the path of your radio signal like buildings, walls, furniture or even trees, hills or mountains if you are outdoors, can degrade your transmission signal significantly. If you are in a skyrise building, depending on the construction materials of the building, you may only get 7 to 10 floors with a full power business radio. And if you add to that same building things like underground floors or parking structures with thick concrete separations, your coverage may even be worse. On a large outdoor campus like a business park or University, you may only get a quarter mile of coverage.

Every environment is different and we have the expert communications consultants to help you find the right solution. Repeaters are one of those options in that they “repeat” the signal of your two-way radio portable, mobile, or base station, at a higher power and with a better antenna that is designed to fill in the gaps of your coverage area. If it’s determined that you can’t cover your area without a Repeater, then we’ll help you choose the right custom set up.

We sell many Motorola Repeaters, including the SLR1000, SLR5700, MTR3000 and SLR8000. All of our Repeaters from Motorola are unique and custom configured for your needs. Best of all, we even offer Repeater solutions to connect multiple properties using Radio Over IP technology with solutions by Motorola such as IP Site Connect, Multi-Site Capacity Plus, Connect Plus and Capacity Max.

Radio Over IP

Have multiple sites you need to communicate across in 84055, Utah? CommUSA has you covered with our radio over IP site connections.

These robust solutions work by placing repeaters at each of your job sites. Then, we use an IP to connect the repeaters seamlessly, allowing you to communicate across anywhere from 5 to 250 different locations.

Two-Way Radio Rentals in 84055, UT

So, you have a big event or project coming up, but your current communication system isn’t up to the job. Or, you want to try out our two-way radios before making a permanent investment. It sounds like you need a rental from CommUSA.

We have the most extensive inventory of all the rental two-way radios in 84055, Utah, including portables, repeaters, base stations, and accessories. No matter how big or how small, CommUSA rentals can help make your upcoming event or project a major success.

Here’s how the CommUSA rental process works:

Our client services experts will help you decide on the number and type of two-way radios and accessories you’ll need. Once you and your representative design a communication strategy that’s perfect for your needs, we’ll create an agreement that optimizes connectivity at a competitive price.

Next, we program your two-way radios (included in the price) and ship them to you, no matter where you’re located. Have a question about your two-way radio order? Don’t worry— we won’t leave you hanging once we fulfill your order. We offer full support throughout the entire rental process.

If you’re concerned about damaging your two-way radios, CommUSA offers renters insurance at an extra cost. This will protect you from paying full price for a two-way radio or accessory that’s broken or damaged during the rental period.

Next time you’re searching for two-way radio and accessory rentals in 84055, Utah, you need to check out CommUSA’s high-quality two-way radios. Here are just a couple of our most frequently rented two-way radios.

  • Motorola CP200d
    The Motorola CP200d is our top-selling rental model in 84055, Utah for a reason. With both digital and analog versions of this compact and highly durable model available, the CP200d is the best option for renters on a budget.
  • XPR7550e
    For some projects, budget-friendly models just aren’t enough. You need a high-end two-way radio like the XPR7550e.

From a colored digital screen to work order ticketing functionality, the XPR7550e has everything your workers need. Up to twenty-nine hours of battery life and up to 8% extended range for dead spots, enhanced audio quality for noisy environments, and superior waterproofing for whatever your project throws its way.

Since we only work with Motorola products, you’re getting a high-value product no matter which radio you choose. Plus, the extended battery life and many intrinsically safe options mean our two-way radio and accessory rentals are perfect for oil and gas turnarounds, big events, sporting games and tournaments, conferences, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and so much more!

If you need a two-way radio rental in 84055, Utah, get in touch with CommUSA today to find out how we can make your project a huge success.

Most Popular Brands & Models of Two-way Radio Accessories in 84055, UT

No two-way radio system is complete without the portable and mobile accessories that turn standard communications into a system custom-made for your business model. That’s why CommUSA also offers the widest selection of portable and mobile two-way radio accessories in 84055, Utah.

Our large assortment of brands includes Motorola, Pryme, Impact, Klein, Otto Engineering, and David Clark. We handpick each of our partners to ensure we’re giving you the most reliable and durable two-way radio accessories around. Plus, many of our accessories are certified intrinsically safe, making them ideal for even the most hazardous jobs.

Check out some of our most popular accessories to add to your two-way radio system:


CommUSA has replacement batteries for Motorola two-way radios in 84055, Utah. They’re “Proven Tough” and are Accelerated Life Testing-approved. Designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, we always recommend getting your Motorola two-way radio battery replacement from CommUSA.

Our top Motorola battery models include the NTN4497DR, PMNN4491B, PMNN4544A, PMNN4077D, PMNN4489D, and the PMNN4071AR.


With a two-way radio headset from CommUSA, you can use your mobile or portable two-way radio hands-free. Extend the life of your two-way radio and communicate discreetly with our single muff, dual muff, heavy-duty, noise-canceling, hard hat, and behind-the-head two-way radio headsets. 

Browse our best-selling headsets like the RMN4016, HMN9021, and HMN9013.

Remote Speaker Microphones

Your two-way radios are valuable. Keep them safe with two-way radio mics that offer secure and hands-free convenience. We carry remote mics, speaker mics, and shoulder mics, including the PMMN4025A, PMMN4040A, PMMN4013A, PMMN4071A, and PMMN4050A.

Don’t forget about your mobile! We have external speakers and loudspeakers for your two-way radio mobile plus desktop or telephone-style mobile base microphones for more convenient communications.

Earpieces and Surveillance Kits

For those 84055, Utah jobs where discretion is vital, CommUSA carries two-way radio earpieces. Check out our top earpieces with push-to-talk mics like the PMLN6532A, PMLN5727A, and the PMLN7189A.

We also carry surveillance kits. Our top sellers include the PMLN6530A, PMLN7157A, PMLN7269A, and the PMLN6129A.

Two-Way Radio Chargers

With one charging session on our Motorola portable two-way radio chargers, your two-way radio charge can last up to three shifts. Browse our single-unit, multi-unit, and bank chargers compatible with most Motorola two-way radio models. For example, our PMLN6588A is a 6-bank charger ideal for all your CP series portable two-way radios.

Or browse our IMPRES chargers like the 6-slot PMPN4284A. These chargers utilize a battery reconditioning system to keep batteries working better for longer.

Don’t forget to grab an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)! Our UPS devices will keep your two-way radios up and running even during power surges and outages.

Other Accessories

CommUSA also carries nylon and leather carry cases, belt clips, holsters, chest packs, and shoulder harness to ensure your portable two-way radio stays safe and close at hand.

Need an antenna to extend the range of your mobile or base station radio? Ask us about our many available antenna options from glass mount, roof mount or high gain-extended range antennas. Or if you need an antenna for your portable two-way radio, check out our stubby and whip antenna options.

Cheap Two-Way Radios for Sale in 84055, UT

Today, many organizations in 84055, Utah rely on mobile phones to stay connected. Yet, when you need a cheaper, more reliable method of communication, cell phones just won’t cut it— you need an inexpensive two-way radio system from CommUSA.

Our entry-level two-way radios provide a lower total cost of ownership than cell phones. You don’t have to pay for service or data, and training costs are virtually non-existent. Plus, with restrictions on who your employees can reach out to, you’re ensuring a more productive workforce. When time equals money, that’s hundreds to thousands of dollars saved each year.

Best of all these radios are small, lightweight and simple to use. They’re suited for retail spaces, places of worship like churches, synagogues, mosques and temples, apartment complexes, contractor and builder sites, offices, small commercial buildings, small distribution centers, restaurants, night clubs, motels, small hotels and more. Whether you offer curbside pickup to your customers or simply need a fast, efficient way to communicate to the back of your store or restaurant, our collection of Motorola Two-Way radios are perfect for your team.

We offer the largest selection of value-priced portable two-way radios for sale and rent in 84055, Utah, including:

  • CLP1010
  • CLP1040
  • CLP1060
  • CLS1110
  • CLS1410
  • DLR1020
  • DLR1060
  • DTR600
  • DTR700
  • RDU4160E
  • RDV5100
  • RMM2050
  • RMU2040
  • RMU2080
  • RMU2080D
  • RMV2080

All of these Motorola light-duty two-way radio models are compact and contain only those features you need for short, rapid communication. That’s why we can offer them to you at a lower price point.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re getting anything less than the best customer service from CommUSA. We always guarantee the same incredible service, whether you’re purchasing, renting, or taking advantage of our incredible deals on two-way radios.

If value matters most to your 84055, Utah business, we have an inexpensive portable two-way radio for your needs. Check out our high-value models now and start saving with a two-way radio communication system from CommUSA!

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