System Design

Two Way Communications System Design

From conventional two-way radio systems to the most advanced digital trunking systems, CommUSA's System Design service is a complete package that covers all of your communications needs. This service includes an analysis of the communications within your organization, including peak hour optimization, in-building coverage, and range capacity. Communications USA will assess your needs, design your communications system in conjunction with any existing system, and implement it for your organization.

Systems include but are not limited to:

  • Conventional Two-Way Radio Systems
  • Capacity + Digital Trunked Two-Way Radio Systems
  • Wireless Broadband Systems for High-speed Connection and Security
  • Cellular, Nextel, VHF, UHF & 800/900Mhz In-Building Coverage Systems
  • Console Systems
  • Work ticket, GPS, Alarm System Management, Email Gateways and many other Radio integration softwares
  • Large or Small Scale Rental Systems for Special Events
  • Two Radio System Optimization

Two Radio Radio System Optimization

To ensure peak performance from your two-way radio or wireless broadband system, ask about CommUSA's system optimization procedure. If it seems like your system is not running as smoothly as when it was first installed, that's probably because it isn't. Much like automobiles, radio systems require evaluations and checkups the longer they are in use. Our team of skilled technicians is trained to quickly evaluate any system for problems in programming, equipment, or positioning to get your system running at peak efficiency.

Simply Call 800-339-1949, and ask to speak with a sales representative to have your needs met quickly and effectively. We make systems that work, so that you can enjoy the benefits of seamless communication.