Ever wonder how much you are saving with your new purchase of two way radios? Motorola has released a cost savings calculator for their dealerships to use. This calculator will show you when you will break even and improve efficiency. Check out this two way radio cost savings calculator today.
  The FCC has announced new narrowbanding mandates that may affect your Two Way Radio System. The changes the FCC has announced are similar to the recent cable television mandates from Analog to Digital. Here are a few of the changes that may affect your Two-Way Radio System: January 1, 2011: Manufacturers cannot manufacture or import equipment operating with a maximum channel bandwidth...
  CommUSA has made the San Diego Business Journal’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies list for another year. We also made the list for growth spurts during a three year period. Those periods were from: 2003-2006 2004-2007 2006-2008