Repeater 101


We often get calls inquiring about two way radio repeaters. Below is an introduction to the functionality and uses of a repeater.

What is a repeater?

A repeater is a fixed device that aids in amplifying the power of a handheld, base or mobile radio.

How does a repeater work?

A repeater works by intercepting a handheld, mobile or base radio frequency and then re-transmitting it back out at a higher power output.

Is the antenna important on the repeater?

The antenna is one of most important aspects of any repeater install when a business is looking to obtain optimal coverage.  An elevated, open and centralized location is key when assessing the antenna location.

Is a repeater right for my business?

Typical issues that call for a repeater are poor coverage, bad coverage and terrible coverage.

Repeaters are complex systems and picking out the right repeater can be a difficult task. Sometimes, repeater problems can be solved by upgrading to a higher tiered radio.  Some repeaters, like the MOTOTRBO XPR8300 double the number of users you can have on a single licensed 12.5 kHz channel.

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