The Numerous Benefits of GPS Technology

Global Positioning Systems, or GPS, have been in use since December of 1993, but was initially developed in the mid-1940s to aid in ground navigation issues. GPS technology was not fully put to use until 1957, when the Sputnik was launched by the former Soviet Union. This mission introduced us to the technology of satellites.
GPS was initially used for military purposes only. However, in 1983 an incident took place which altered the availability of GPS. A Russian plane shot down an airplane full of civilians which had veered off into forbidden Soviet airspace. All were killed on the plane, and it was determined that the plane had gone off course by accident. Because GPS technology could have prevented this incident, Ronald Reagan made GPS technology available to the general public.
Now used by civilians and military personnel alike, GPS is a navigation system supported by satellites. GPS completely changes the way we navigate with maps, as maps have become more interactive with GPS technology. Instead of looking at a paper with confusing legends and instructions, a GPS navigator detects your current position, estimates travel time, and gives remarkably accurate directions. GPS devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they contain numerous features.
Motorola unleashed the MOTOTRBO series in early 2007. One of the numerous benefits is that it is equipped with GPS navigation. These units, like the XPR 6550, are equipped with a full display.
GPS technology can help companies who have fleet vehicles to keep track of where their vehicles are. For example, if it is suspected that an employee may be slacking on the job, a GPS device in the vehicle can determine whether the vehicle is out of the assigned work area.
Other benefits of GPS technology are that they help emergency services find victims of accidents, crimes, and other troubles by finding the location of the two way radio. GPS technology provides a win-win situation for on site communication systems. With a MOTOTRBO GPS system, you will find two way radio communication more efficient.