MOTOTRBO Special is Back!


By popular demand, the Motorola MOTOTRBO special is back. Between today and May 1, 2009, you can take $1,000 off the purchase of 10 MOTOTRBO two way radios when you trade in 10 radios or push to talk cellular phones.

This special gives you the opportunity to try different MOTOTRBO radios, such as the XPR6500 or XPR6300. The differences between these MOTOTRBO radios are that the XPR6500 has a full display and the XPR6300 doesn’t. Motorola recently announced that they have sold 200,000 MOTOTRBO two way radios since it’s been launched in 2007. With the trade in special, now is a good time to see what all the fuss is about!