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MOTOTRBO Repeaters
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Hi, I’m Olivia From CommUSA and I want to show you Motorola’s MOTOTRBO digital, two-way radio repeaters. They’re a great, solution that can be scaled to fit your needs.

So exactly what is a repeater and why do you need one? Repeaters are used to expand the coverage area of your two-way radios.

A radio can only transmit so far, and as radios get farther apart, or you have obstructions in your way, the signal degrades. Imagine a skyscraper, if you used portable radios in a 100 story building, you may only be able to cover the first to the 70th floor.

A repeater is used to expand the coverage to all floors. Basically, when you transmit on your portable radio, the signal goes out and is received by the repeater and is re-transmitted or "repeated" at a higher power to cover a greater distance.

They’re like baseball shortstops. If an outfielder needs to throw to home plate, he can't throw the ball the whole day. He throws it half way to the shortstop, who then throws the rest of the way to the catcher

Now a traditional analog repeater can only repeat one channel. For instance, let's say you are a hotel and want to separate each of your departments into different groups or channels, so you don't have other departments hearing everyone else's conversations.

In an analog system, you would need one repeater for security, one for maintenance, one for banquets, one for housekeeping and so on. This can get expensive, especially when you have to pay for antennas, cables, FCC licensing, installation and ongoing maintenance. And of course, you space for all this equipment

The great thing about digital MOTOTRBO repeaters is their TDMA technology, which splits the frequency in half, creating two talk paths. Each repeater can simultaneously repeat two channels at a time.

Not only do you have double the capacity out of the box, you’re also going to see about a 20% better coverage with digital repeaters, not to mention they’re less prone to interference, have much clearer audio quality, and the ability to send data. These repeaters are going to be working hard to keep your team connected and productive while making your communications system so much more efficient.

But what if you need more coverage area? What if your sales office in San Diego needs to talk with the distribution center in Austin? Or what if you need more channels or more capacity? What about private, one-to-one calling? Don’t worry, these repeaters are scalable and have the right software for the solution you need. Just check out our other videos about the benefits of digital communications and you’ll get all the answers you need.

They’ll clue you into Motorola’s Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect, Linked Capacity Plus and all the other powerful features these digital repeaters pack to keep your communications working for you.

That’s a lot of information, so don’t be afraid to give one of CommUSA’s Expert Account Executives a call to see how Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio repeaters can fit your organization’s needs now, and for the future.