MOTOTRBO Repeater Advanced Features

MOTOTRBO Repeater Advanced Features

MOTOTRBO Repeater Advanced Features
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Hi, I’m Olivia from CommUSA and I’m going to tell you about some great scalable features developed by Motorola to increase users and coverage areas, without adding new equipment, so you can get the most flexibility and value out of your MOTOTRBO digital communication systems.

When you migrate to digital, you’re already going to double the channels you had with analog. 
If you out grow that, simple software upgrades to your MOTOTRBO digital system can unlock the power to add more users and coverage areas.

Let’s say you need more channels, Capacity Plus Single-Site Trunking can expand capacity to up to 1,000 channels without adding new frequencies.

In a capacity plus single-site trunking system, repeaters are linked together and instead of a channel on your portable radio being designated to one repeater, radio traffic continually shifts from repeater to repeater, depending on which talk path is open. This greatly improves efficiency by up to 5 times and more evenly distributes wear and tear on your system. It also offers a layer of protection. If a repeater fails or goes off line for any reason, the other repeaters on the system now take over. Compared to analog, this greatly reduces downtime and you no longer have to wait for someone to come out to repair the repeater. With digital, the other repeaters simply take over the workload.

If it’s your coverage area that needs to increase, Motorola’s IP Site Connect lets you use the internet to extend your coverage to create a wider area network or link locations in different areas. So manufacturing in the Northeast can talk to R&D on the West Coast.

If you need to add both channels and coverage, Motorola’s Linked Capacity Plus software combines Capacity Plus’s increased user feature with IP Site Connect’s increased coverage area to keep all your staff connected with an affordable wide-area trunking solution.

So whether you need lots of users and coverage at one site, or to connect staff at different sites, Motorola has designed a solution to fit the way you work.

Give a CommUSA Expert Account Executive a call today. They can help you figure out which upgrades are right for you.