MOTOTRBO Privacy Features

MOTOTRBO Privacy Features

MOTOTRBO Privacy Features
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Hi, I’m Olivia from CommUSA. One of the great features to upgrading to digital communications is enhanced privacy. With your current analog system, all I have to do is look up your frequencies on the FCC’s public website and get a simple radio or a scanner and eavesdrop on your conversations all day long.

With digital communications, if I tried that, all I’d hear are data tones, like I was calling a fax machine. I wouldn’t know what you’re saying.

Granted, increased privacy may not be a factor if all I’m going to hear is “take towels to room 4017.” Or “We need more rebar on the tenth floor.”

But if your communications need to be secure and confidential, like you don’t want anyone knowing your movie star VIP needs reservations at the hotel’s five-star restaurant or don’t want anyone listening in to your casino’s communications, then digital is the way to go.

With MOTOTRBO radios, you can even add software upgrades that enhance signal scrambling for even more security if you have super sensitive communications that need to go out over the radio.

There’s many more great benefits when you switch to digital. Why don’t you give one of our CommUSA Expert Account Executives a call today. They can fill you in and help design a communication solution that fits the way your workforce works.