MOTOTRBO Increased Battery Life

MOTOTRBO Increased Battery Life

MOTOTRBO Increased Battery Life
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Hi I’m Olivia from CommUSA. It’s no fun worrying about whether your radios are going to hold their charge for an entire shift, and replacing batteries when they wear out can get to be expensive.

Well, when you switch to digital communications, you’re going to have to worry a lot less about these things.

Digital signals don’t drain your battery as much as analog signals, so you can get up to 40% longer operating time on a single charge. That’s great for people who always need to make sure they’re connected or are working extended shifts.

Motorola has also put IMPRES technology into its digital radio batteries and chargers. What’s IMPRES Battery and Charger Technology you ask?

IMPRES is a ‘smart battery’ technology that lets the battery and charger talk to each other. Every battery has a limited number of charge cycles. If you put a radio with a battery that’s only 30% drained on a standard charger, it will charge the radio using a full cycle—even though the battery only needed 30% of a cycle. You’ve wasted 70% of a cycle. Do that enough times, and you’ve seriously cut short your battery’s life.

IMPRES chargers talk to IMPRES batteries and say “Hey, how much juice do you actually need?” The battery answers and says “I’m 70% charged, so just give me 30% of a cycle. Let’s not be greedy.” And then the charger says “Okey doke. 30% coming your way. No more, no less.”

So, besides making for interesting conversation, this IMPRES ‘smart battery’ technology doesn’t waste valuable, limited cycles and helps your batteries last for as long as possible. Which, of course, saves you money and eliminates headache.

And that’s our job here at CommUSA. We like saving our clients’ money and preventing headaches. So give one of our CommUSA Expert Account Managers a call today and put them to work for you.