Integrated GPS is now a standard feature with the Motorola MOTOTRBO. Built in GPS functionality is one of the MOTOTRBO’s best features. With GPS, you can track vehicles and personnel without expensive external hardware. Most importantly, there are no monthly fees for using the MOTOTRBO’s GPS features.

The MOTOTRBO GPS models are the XPR6550 and the XPR6350. The difference between the XPR6550 and the XPR6350 is that the XPR6550 has a full display. The display allows you to send and receive text messages.

GPS functionality within the MOTOTRBO allow you to increase productivity. Certain applications, like HotSos allow you to use your MOTOTRBO to track work orders. When you combine those features with the MOTOTRBO’s water resistant casing, you have a very valuable communication tool.