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Hi, I’m Olivia from CommUSA. Obviously, your radios are no good if the communication signal can’t penetrate where it needs to go. When you think about it, that analog signal is doing a lot of work to get through walls, steel beams, concrete and cover the distance to get to your radio.

Too often, your analog communications drop out in tough-to-reach places. I’m sure you’re all familiar with ‘dead zones’ where there’s weak or no signal penetration, or having your analog communications break up and turn to static and interference toward the end of their range.

You need to think about digital. Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios to be exact. Once you begin to use these digital radios, those ‘dead zones’ immediately get reduced. Typically, digital signals have a 20% better coverage rate than their old analog counterparts.

Digital radios are also going to give you better audio quality at the edge of their working range. Analog signals deteriorate much quicker the further they are from their repeater. Digital signals maintain their cohesion better, so you get the best coverage possible. And when you add the built-in error correction and filtering that digital radios afford, you get clearer audio at the end of your working range.

There’s lots more benefits to going digital, so give a CommUSA Expert Account Manager a call. They can answer all your questions and help design a communications solution that’s right for your organization.