MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus


MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus
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Hi, I’m OLIVIA from CommUSA and I’m going to show you how upgrading or adding Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way, digital radios and repeaters can increase your capacity and save you money right out of the box. Analog radios have one channel and one repeater for each of those channels. So departments, like maintenance and security, who need their own channels have to have their own repeater to support their channel. Digital radios and repeaters use TDMA technology, which means you get twice the talk paths. So maintenance and security can each have their own channel using just one repeater. Right there, your cost is cut in half. Not a bad start! And when you add in all the supporting equipment that goes with each repeater system, the cost savings multiply, because you’ll only need half of it. And that’s just equipment. Each of those frequencies you license from the FCC also cost money. So if you’ve doubled your talk paths because you now have Motorola MOTOTRBO digital repeaters, you’ve halved the number of licenses you need for your frequencies… and the savings continue to grow. Now I know no one likes math, so give one of our CommUSA Expert Account Managers a call today and they’ll run the figures for you. You’re going to be surprised at how much you can save.