MOTOTRBO Calling Features

MOTOTRBO Calling Features

MOTOTRBO Calling Features
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Hi, I’m Olivia from CommUSA and I want to quickly tell you about a great feature you get when you migrate to digital communications: One-to-One Calling and All Call.

Sometimes, your communications are for one person’s ears alone. With analog radios, there’s no way to just call one user. What one person hears, everyone on the channel hears.

Now, with digital radios, you can call just one user’s radio and only they get the call, which is great for private or sensitive information not for general consumption.

On the flipside of that, if you have a message that everyone needs to hear, with analog you had to call each channel separately or have an elaborate console system in place. Now, with one touch of a button, one radio can contact everyone who needs to get the message simultaneously.

That’s just one of the great features digital communications has to offer. Why don’t you give one of our CommUSA Expert Account Executives a call, they’ll tell you about many more and can help design a communications system that fits the way you work.