MOTOTRBO Audio Quality

MOTOTRBO Audio Quality

MOTOTRBO Audio Quality
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Hi, I’m Olivia from CommUSA. One of the major benefits to upgrading to digital communications is increased audio quality. Let’s face it, your radios are no good if people can’t understand you or you’re drowned out by background noise. With analog radios, every noise picked up by the microphone is transmitted.

In analog systems, radio interference makes conversations less intelligible, voices get garbled, and messages have to be repeated.

With the Motorola MOTOTRBO line of digital, two-way radios, the digital technology focuses on your voice.

Digital radios use filtering and automatic error correction to rebuild and maintain voice clarity, even if a signal is badly corrupted, to deliver best-in-class audio quality.

Some MOTOTRBO radios take things a step further and offer Motorola’s Intelligent Audio feature. It’s able to sense whether you’re in quiet or noisy environment and adjust the radio’s volume automatically, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing others in a quiet place or missing calls when you move into a noisy one.

So you’re going to get great digital quality and clarity with the radios, but what about the accessories you use every day?

Well, Motorola has you covered with a new line using IMPRES technology. Don’t panic, your old analog accessories will still work with MOTOTRBO digital radios, but when you attach an IMPRES accessory, your radios are going to automatically recognize which accessory you’ve plugged in and use an audio profile optimized for that accessory to give you maximum sound performance.

With digital technology, you can even cut the cord and use Bluetooth accessories, which are great for discrete applications like security.

Once you make the switch to Motorla MOTOTRBO, digital, two-way radios you’ll be amazed at the clarity and quality of the sound.

They say seeing is believing. But in this case, hearing is believing, so just call one of our CommUSA Expert Account Managers. They can arrange a demonstration and answer all your questions.