Motorola XPR 6380

The MOTOTRBO XPR 6380 two way radio is changing the way businesses communicate. You can gain the productivity of powerful data applications such as MOTOTRBO location Services and Text Messaging services. MOTOTRBO products also have the capability of tapping into the MOTOTRBO APP marketplace for further integration.

Standard Package Includes: 

• IMPRES™ Li ion 2150 mAh Battery (PMNN4077)
• IMPRES Single Unit Charger (WPLN4232)
• Antenna See Selection Options
• 2.5" Belt Clip (PMLN4652)
• Accessory Dust Cover
• Integrated Expansion Card
• Two Year Warranty
• One Year Repair Service Advantage


Part Numbers: 

AAH55UCC9LB1AN (Non-Display) - 800/900 Band/ 806-941 MHz/ 1-2.5W
32 Channels

AAH55UCC9LB1AN (Non-Display with GPS) - 800/900 Band/806-941 MHz/ 1-2.5W
32 Channels

Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 6000 Series