XPR 4350

The MOTOTRBO XPR4350 is discontinued. If you're interested in the XPR4350, check out the MOTOTRBO XPR5350.

The new Motorola MOTOTRBO portfolio includes two numeric display mobile radios, the XPR4300 and XPR4350. These Motorola mobile radios integrate voice and data applications (MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Services and MOTOTRBO Location Services - GPS tracking) to make your operation run efficiently. With the ability to function in both analog and digital mode, the XPR4300 and XPR4350 have clearer audio throughout the coverage area as compared to analog two way radios.

Standard Package Includes: 


  • Radio with display control head
  • Mounting trunnion
  • 10-foot power cable
  • Compact microphone
  • Replacement button kit: monitor, scan
  • User and installation guide CD kit
  • Two year standard warranty plus one-year repair service advantage (3 year total warranty)



Provides clearer voice communications throughout the coverage area as compared to analog radios.
Text messaging and GPS services.
Additional functionality including dispatch data and enhanced call signaling.
Uses time-division multiple access (TDMA) technology to provide twice the calling capacity for the price of one license. In other words, you can have two channels on one repeater.
  • Enhanced call management
  • Private call, call alert
  • Encode only: emergency, push-to-talk ID
  • Decode only: radio check, remote monitor, radio disable, all call
  • Dual-mode analog/digital scan - facilitates a smooth migration from analog to digital
  • With XPR 4350, in an emergency, location coordinates can be sent to the dispatcher using the MOTOTRBO Location Services Application
  • Send quick text messages via programmable buttons.
  • Contacts list accommodates up to 256 contacts

Part Numbers: 

AAM27JNC9LA1AN - VHF/ 136-174 MHz/ 1-25W/
32 Channels

AAM27JQC9LA1AN - VHF/ 136-174 MHz/ 25-45W
32 Channels

AAM27QNC9LA1AN - UHF/ 403-470 MHz/ 1-25W
32 Channels

AAM27QPC9LA1AN - UHF/ 403-470 MHz/ 25-40W
32 Channels

AAM27TRC9LA1AN - UHF/ 450-512 MHz/ 1-40W
32 Channels