Motorola SL 7590

The MOTOTRBO SL7590 is discontinued. If you're interested in the SL7590, check out the MOTOTRBO SL7590e.

Motorola listened to what you wanted and developed an ultra-thin, ultra-light digital radio for the ultimate in discreet communications. With industry-leading features like enhanced work order ticket management and a large color display, the MOTOTRBO SL Series can help remaster your productivity and image, too.

Standard Package Includes: 

• BT90 1800 mAh Li Ion Hi Cap Battery (HKNN4013)
• Micro USB Charger, Non Vehicular (SPN5547)
• UHF Antenna 438-470MHz (PMAE4077) pre installed
• Carry Holder (PMLN5956)
• Quick Reference Guide/Safety Booklet (68009553001)
• Two Year Warranty
• One Year Repair Service Advantage

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Part Numbers: 

AAH81WCN9NB2AN - 900 Band/ 896-941 MHz/ 2W
1000 Channels