Motorola SL 7580

The MOTOTRBO SL 7580 is discontinued. If you're interested in the SL 7580, check out the MOTOTRBO SL 7580e.

Motorola listened to what you wanted and developed an ultra-thin, ultra-light digital radio for the ultimate in discreet communications. With industry-leading features like enhanced work order ticket management and a large color display, the MOTOTRBO SL Series can help remaster your productivity and image, too.

Standard Package Includes: 

• BT90 1800 mAh Li Ion Hi Cap Battery (HKNN4013)
• Micro USB Charger, Non Vehicular (SPN5547)
• UHF Antenna 438-470MHz (PMAE4077) pre installed
• Carry Holder (PMLN5956)
• Quick Reference Guide/Safety Booklet (68009553001)
• Two Year Warranty
• One Year Repair Service Advantage

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Part Numbers: 

AAH81VCN9NB2AN - 800 Band/ 806-870 MHz/ 2W
1000 Channels