Motorola Nitro SLN 1000

The SLN 1000 delivers highly reliable broadband push-to-talk, ensuring your voice conversations sound clearer and more natural. Its purpose-built design enables you to easily drive productivity, efficiency and safety. The Motorola Nitro SLN 1000 supports all your devices—from radios and smartphones to specialized handsets—and extends your existing voice network to support a rich diversity of data applications, including security, productivity, warehouse ticketing and customer service apps.

Nitro SNL 1000 Highlights:

  • First purpose-built OnGo radio (OnGo 3.5 GHz network compatible)
  • Simple management through the Nitro Cloud Portal
  • High delity wideband audio
  • Interoperates with existing MOTOTRBO networks


Radio specs:

Weight (with antenna) < 180g with battery

Battery 2500 mAh Li-Ion

Battery Life Up to 15 hrs

RF Banding LTE Band 48 (3.5 GHz) CAT 4

Audio Wideband (16K); SPL: 96 DBphon at 30 dm