Motorola EX560-XLS

The Motorola EX560-XLS™ has been discontinued. The recommended replacement radio is the XPR7550e.

This two way radio is perfect for professionals who need a small, compact, durable two way radio that is water resistant. If you work in conditions where your two way radio is exposed to rain, wind, snow, or dust, the Motorola EX560-XLS™ is the right radio for you.

This small, compact two way radio has 6 programmable buttons and an ergonomically designed casing. The EX560-XLS has crisp, clear audio quality that makes it easy to hear in noisy environments. It also has X-Pand™ Voice Compression that helps remove background noise. The EX560-XLS also has emergency signaling that can send a singal to a person or group in the event of an emergency.

Standard Package Includes: 

  • Standard Battery (Li ion, 1400 mAh, 7.5V PMNN4073_A)
  • Standard Charger (120V Single Unit Rapid Rate Charger AAHTN3000)
  • Standard Antenna (VHF option must be ordered / UHF Band 1 PMAE4022_A,
  • UHF Band 2 PMAE4025_A)
  • Carry Holster (JMZN4023)
  • Three Year Warranty



  • The EX560-XLS two way radio is designed for durability.
  • IP67 durability rating - submersible in up to 1 meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.
  • FM approved for intrinsically safe.
  • Motorola accelerated life testing (ALT) simulation of five years use.

Part Numbers: 

AAH38KDF9DU6AN - VHF/ 136-174 MHz/ 1-5W
15/16 Talkgroups/ 160 Channels

AAH38RDF9DU6AN - UHF/ 403-470 MHz/ 1-4W
15/16 Talkgroups/ 160 Channels

AAH38SDF9DU6AN - UHF/ 450-527 MHz/ 1-4W
15/16 Talkgroups/ 160 Channels