Motorola EX500

The Motorola EX500 has been discontinued. . The recommended replacement radios are the SL300, XPR3300e or SL7550e.

The Motorola EX500 portable radios deliver the advanced, efficient two-way communication you need to stay well connected. At less than 10 ounces, these lightweight radios fit easily into the palm of your hand. And, both offer exceptional features and functionality to give you plenty of communication power-so you can maximize productivity and get the job done. Applications for the Motorola EX500 Two Way Radio The EX500 Series Radios can be used for a variety of applications. Here are a few examples of some key industries:

  • Hospitality: EX Series Radios are ideal for hotel management, food & beverage, concierge service, valet parking, and more. These small, sophisticated two way radios are preferred for powerful communication, with professional look. The radio's small size also works well in Casinos where they can be used discreetly.
  • Event Management: Compact EX500 Radios help event planners stay well connected to ensure every event – from corporate meetings and functions to major sporting and philanthropic events-- is a success. Golf tournament officials keep these two way radios in the palm of their hand to finalize rulings, maintain leader board scoring, check on the latest weather updates, and manage crowd control.
  • Security/Public Safety: The EX Series Radios are excellent for security or public safety users, who want a small radio to place in a discrete location or even a pocket. Police Sergeants to Fire Chiefs can enjoy the benefit of utilizing a powerful radio that won't weigh them down.
  • Manufacturing: The compact and lightweight EX500 two way radio's makes it easier for manufacturing workers and management to step up communications without being weighed down.

Standard Package Includes: 

  • Standard Battery (Li ion, 1300 mAh, 7.5V JMNN4024_R)
  • Standard Charger (120V Single Unit Rapid Rate Charger AAHTN3000)
  • Standard Antenna (VHF option must be ordered / UHF NAE6483_R)
  • Carry Holster (JMZN4023)
  • Three Year Warranty


Part Numbers: 

AAH38RDC9AA3AN - UHF/ 403-470 MHz/ 1-4W
16 Channels