Motorola DTR650

The DTR650 has been discontinued and replaced by the DTR700.

What is the difference between the Motorola DTR650 and the Motorola DTR550? The DTR650 offers one feature the DTR550 doesn’t—remote monitoring. We consider this a “supervisor radio”. Remote monitoring lets you key up a mic without the user knowing. It’s great for applications where a manager has to keep tabs on multiple employees all over a property.

Standard Package Includes: 

  • Standard Battery - Li-ion, 1500 mAh Battery, 3.6V (53964)
  • Standard Charger - 1 Hour Rapid Charger (53969)
  • Drop-In Charging Tray (53962)
  • Stubby 900 Antenna (8505241U06)
  • Swivel Belt Holster (53961)
  • CD-Rom User Guide
  • Quick Reference Card
  • One Year Warranty



  • Text messaging.
  • One to one calling,
  • Group calling
  • A big, bright LED screen to help users navigate through all its powerful features.
  • License free communication

Part Numbers: 

AAH73WCF9NA5AN - 900 MHz/ 1W