DTR550 is Discontinued: Recommended Replacement DTR650

The Motorola DTR550 is a digital two way radio solution. The digital features allow you to get the best audio quality and coverage area possible. Not only that, they operate on unlicensed 900 megahertz frequencies so they’re less susceptible to interference. Unlike analog radios, you can talk to multiple talk groups on the same radio channel. In addition to these overall benefits, you’ll be able take advantage of new two way radio technologies. Multiple uses of the Motorola DTR550 Digital one-to-one calling: Allows you to call and talk privately with a specific user’s radio. A private-call recipient can receive an alert—either an audible or vibrating signal. And the recipient’s unit displays the caller’s ID. Digital one to many calling: Public group call—all other DTR Series™ radios on the same group ID and channel hear communications, similar to analog radio operation. Private group call—enables you to program DTR Series radios to communicate with specific sets of group members. Caller ID displays group identification. Individual unit identification also enables: Call forwarding to other radio. IDs—notify others that you’re unavailable and allow them to speak with another contact for assistance. Transmit ID—receiving radios will display the radio ID of the transmitting unit and, if listed in the receiving radio’s contact list, the transmitting unit’s radio name.