Motorola DLR Series

The Motorola DLR series is comprised of two models, the DLR1020, which is a 2 Channel radio.  And, the DLR1060, which is a 6 channel radio.

These digital, 900 MHz, license free radios leverage frequency hopping technology. This technology enables the radio to continually change frequencies, making it virtually impossible for others to listen to your private conversations.

Enhance your radio's privacy by simply setting a unique 4 digit profile ID number. This differentiates your radio system, setting it apart from other business radios and thus providing private and interference free communications.



Private Reply
Activate a private reply with a staff member to address specific issues quickly and efficiently without involving all employees.

Direct Call to a Manager
Set up your store radios so an employee can directly contact the manager on duty for quicker responses to consumer questions.

Page All Available Employees
Announce a message to everyone who is not currently tied up in radio conversation, making it easier to communicate and locate specific users.**

Part Numbers: 

DLR1020 - Digital 2 Channel

DLR1060 - Digital 6 Channel