The Motorola CM200 was discontinued on November 22. If you're interested in the CM200, check out the new, digital Motorola CM200d.

Great care was taken in the design process of the CM200 and CM300 mobile radios to help ensure ruggedness and reliability, ease of use and functionality. These Motorola mobiles offer large controls that are easy to grip even when wearing gloves; a powerful 4-watt speaker that is forward facing for superb audio clarity; 3-color LED indicators (red, yellow, green) to show visible feedback of transmit, scan and monitor status; microphone and controls are located on the left, closest to the driver for easy reach; bright visual indicators can be read at a glance.

You can choose from our 4-channel CM200 model or the 32-Channel CM300 model depending on your business requirements. And, the CM Series mobiles complement the CP150 and CP200 portable two-way radios so you can customize your communication solution with a variety of radios and accessories that meet your needs.

A variety of Motorola Original® and Certified Accessories are available for the CM200 and CM300 radios to expand the capabilities of the radios and create a customized communication solution for your business. Motorola Original® Accessories carry a one-year limited warranty.


  • 4 Channels
  • Audio Indicator Tones
  • VHF and UHF Frequencies
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Voice-Operated Transmit (requires voice-activated microphone)
  • TPL Standard and Non-Standard Reverse Burst (for better compatibility with existing fleets)
  • Privacy Codes (42 standard TPL codes and 84 standard DPL codes)
  • Single Priority Scan allows user to listen for activity on multiple channels
  • Quik-Call II™ Decode Selective Call/Call Alert
    • Selective Call: Allows receipt from a specific group or individual
    • Call Alert: Receives notification from a specific group or individual user with an alert tone and lighted LED
  • MDC 1200 Push-to-Talk Identification Encode - Sends unique digital ID information when transmitting (PTT ID),which can be displayed on radios equipped with MDC decode
  • 2-year Standard Warranty
  • Users can choose up to 4 Programmable Features

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Part Numbers: 

Discontinued-AAM50KNC9AA1AN - VHF/ 146-174 MHz/ 25W
4 Channels

Discontinued-AAM50KQC9AA1AN - VHF/ 146-174 MHz/ 45W
4 Channels

Discontinued-AAM50RNC9AA1AN - UHF/ 438-470 MHz/ 25W
4 Channels

Discontinued-AAM50RPC9AA1AN - UHF/ 438-470 MHz/ 40W
4 Channels