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Motorola PR860

The PR860 is being discontinued. The last day to order is October 12, 2015. Call your Account Rep today to place an order.

Motorola has designed the PR860 Professional Series two-way radio for public safety professionals. The combination of durability and performance also make the PR860 a strong option for construction and manufacturing firms. Compared to other professional two-way radios, the PR860 offers a unique combination of advanced performance options and a rugged design, all in a surprisingly light weight radio (12.8 oz. with the impres Li-ion battery).

Standard Package Includes: 
  • impres™ Li-ion 2000 mAh, 7.5V Battery
  • impres™ single-unit rapid charger
  • Low band, VHF or UHF antenna
  • 2.5” belt clip
  • User’s guide CD
  • 2-Year standard warranty
Part Numbers: 

AAH45BEC9AA3AN - LowBand/ 29.7-42 MHz/ 1-6W
16 Channels

AAH45CEC9AA3AN - LowBand/ 35-50 MHz/ 1-6W
16 Channels

AAH45KDC9AA3AN - VHF/ 136-174 MHz/ 1-5W
16 Channels

AAH45RDC9AA3AN - UHF/ 403-470 MHz/ 1-4W
16 Channels

AAH45SDC9AA3AN - UHF/ 450-512 MHz/ 1-4W
16 Channels